Friday, July 10, 2009

Our 4th of July Weekend

We went camping, fishing, hiking, & just had tons of fun!! It was beautiful in the clean mountain air never realized how much we missed that.. We went camping with the family up at the Sweetwater in Wyoming. It was the average Wyoming weather...It was hot & cold it even rained & hailed something that never happens in St. George in July. The kids had so much fun CRAZY times in the tent they laughed they played & then it was snack time. We have a 3 room tent so they went back in forth from bed to bed & then of course the girls all kicked the boys butts..

Cooking over a campfire talk about HOT but MMM tastes soo good. We all helped gather firewood the boys had fun with that. Willie had soo much fun finding sticks & getting them ready with his pocket knife for the marshmallows. We helped all the kids roast their own hot dogs on the campfire too. The 3 mama's did the rest of the cooking we all ate really good, delicious food.

We all went fishing we had a good time even though we didn't catch any fish. The kids loved throwing rocks in the water so I'm sure that may of contributed to why we didn't catch any. We went for a drive way up in the mountains & stopped in a beautiful area.. The river, multiple ponds, lilly pods, frogs, then came the mesqitoes... Well mostly everyone stayed in the trucks but the few of us that went fishing for like 30minutes well we are all bumpy with mesqito bites....

Isabella & her cousin Amorie loved the flowers, so they would pick them everywhere we walked. The girls would give them to me or to their grandma. I had a soda can with flowers, the pretty rocks, & the pinecones surrounding on one of the tables our collection from the kids.

It was soo beautiful the kids had tons of fun & so did we it was freezing at night but 3 layers of clothes & snuggling with my husband & kids for the weekend talk about a good time!