Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This Summer

We went to Mesquite this weekend & we didn't just go to our pool at the Casa Blanca we had to go to the Oasis pool too, both with water slides of course.  I think we went swimming at least 5 times. We had lots of fun.  Isabella swam with her floaties & was very independent half the time she did not want us to help her it was too cute!!  "Bells swimmin" as she would put it..  We had 2 rooms together so the kids had plenty of room to run back and forth.  They got a kick out of having their own room to themselves.  Willie decided to bring his Game Cube with him so he had plenty to do even when we were in the rooms, the games also kept mom busy.  We had fun racing & crashing our cars on the videogames.  Even though we swam most of the time to cool off we also found time to go bowling & hit the buffets.  We went to the Eureka buffet "The Experience"  and what an experience we had crab legs & lobster tails while sitting by the aquarium & listening to a few guys playing music.  Isabella sure loved the music she danced & ate her dinner at the same time.  She was wigglin so much she had them gigglin & bobbin their heads to the music as well.  She was enjoying the music so much that when they would finish a song she would cheer & WHOOHOO them so much the entire restaurant would clap too.  It was a good thing Isabella was a cute distraction from Willie's HUGE pile of crab legs on his plate & I mean HUGE!!  I tried really hard to help him eat it all!!  Bowling was fun we played with the bumpers up.  Isabella helped mom throw a few bowling balls and Willie fell on his BUM only cuz he crossed the line.  He found out just how slick the floor was that night..  we all rolled laughing (STRIKE)..  Dad did kick our butts he bowls pretty good for a blind guy.  Will got me really good, we of course were in a rental van because of the fender bender our van was in (its still in the shop).  Well the van we have has automatic doors & they work with the door key.  Will pushed the button & went around the corner of course convincing me that we forgot to shut the doors & they were open for hours.  Just as I was checking to see if we were robbed he busted up laughing. You got me honey...  It was a fun time!!!  


Friday, July 4, 2008