Friday, April 17, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Las Vegas

My sis came to St. George to visit sooo we went everywhere we could possibly go....

Our week 1st started with Willie's soccer game in which his team won!! I had to work that night but the next evening we went out to eat at Pirate Island Pizza. I promised my niece I would take her there!! We all devoured the HUGE pizza called the "Kraken" then of course played in the arcade. Willie has got to be the LUCKIEST when it comes to arcades he finished with over 700 tickets.. JACKPOT every time.. We then went to the main street park & the kids played in the water fountains, the river, & waterfalls. They had soo much fun making a dam in the river. Isabella just enjoyed her ice cream cone. Everytime I went to throw it away she would pull it away & say "no not garbage its my ice cream."

We then went to Las Vegas... We went EVERYWHERE.. We stayed in the Luxor inside the pyramid with slanted windows and all. It was crazy.. We went to the strip the volcano, the pirate ship, & a few stops along the way. The kids went swimming at the Luxor Isabella dipped her favorite bunny in the water a few times too. The next day we went to The Titanic exhibit. It was soo cool literally they made it cold in areas to re-inact the night they hit the iceburg. They also had a HUGE chunk of ice they encouraged to touch... Isabella was not shy I even caught her licking her hands then touching the ice then licking her hands MMMM.. YUMMY.. The staircase was absolutely gorgeous!! They didn't allow cameras but I snuck a few shots & of course this one we payed for..

The next day we went to the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. Talk about breath taking we all had a good time. We saw sharks, pirana's, komodo dragons, jelly fish, octopus, & touched the sting ray's. I really was the only one touching them, I was rubbing my entire hand on them really petting there heads but I guess you are only to touch with one finger OOPS... It was fun walking through all the aquariums.. It was quite difficult to get a picture of Bell's she was so busy looking at the fish... We all had a blast.

We went to a few other places including M&M world.. We had to watch "I lost my M in Vegas." The cute lil 3-D movie & saw the Nascar M&M car. We got to have a nice buffet dinner with all the Romero family at the Mandalay bay. They all met us I guess it was a lil pre Easter family get together..

We also had our little share of seeing a celebrity.. Paul Williams the boxer... We then came home relaxed drove to Springdale for the day showed my sis the beautiful red rocks & then colored Easter eggs, only after watching the boxing match on HBO... We had a beautiful blessed Easter with my sis!! Dinner was great & so was the easter egg hunt the kids had a BLAST!! Good memories made this week..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Williams vs Wright Boxing at the Mandalay Bay

Middle weight showdown... K we didn't go to the fight but we watched it on HBO. Only after in person wishing him good luck the day before when in Vegas on our way to the shark reef. There he was soo.. Here's me, Willie, Chantelle, & my sis Steph with Williams. His arms were soo long they reached around all of us! He's 6'2" next to all us shorty's!! Well our good luck helped he kicked (well punched) his way to victory.... Wright was so beat up his eyes were almost swollen shut!!!

Here's some pic's of Williams &
Wright at the fight..