Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Out Playing

Just out playing.... We went to the Dinosaur Discovery Site to check out the new dino eggs. The kids had the most fun discovering their own eggs... Looks like a dino nest they found. It was fun using paint brushes & pretending to excavate real fossils. We also made a quick stop at the Dixie Rock to hike & have a quick adventure. Willie & Isabella were cheering when we made it to the top. They had to stop & explore every little cave they could find. It was fun!!

WHOO HOO they made it to the top!! After we got home they had to bring a piece of the fun home. Willie bought a mini excavation kit in which he's working on at this moment & Isabella bought a turtle egg that we put in water & we will be expecting it to hatch in 1-2 days. A toy turtle will be joining Isabella's toy collection soon... The kids got these Dino heads that chomp with the push of a button so we all have been chasing eachother throuout the house.. CHOMP CHOMP..