Saturday, December 13, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!! I didn't get too many pictures because it was just tooo CRAZY!!! Most pics were after the destruction.... At one point we had a total of 15 kids including Isabella & Willie!! The boys played Lego pictionary by drawing all their favorite legos.. Willie made up a game called Lego scoop in which I gave a scoop of Willies millions of legos to each boy. They all had a few minutes & who ever had the most votes won the prize for the coolest Lego!! We had a Soccer ball for a pinata. Willie is holding what is left of it... If you could imagine we had boys from 5yrs old to 13 yrs old so amazing enough they all got to hit the pinata, blind-folded of course... They split into teams & had a race with the scooters. They all with a balloon in hand had to weave in & out of 5 boxes then run across the yard & POP their balloon. The team that was all on the grass 1st WON!!!

Willie & the kids then had cake after singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY & I can't believe he's blowing out 11 candles!! What an OLD MAN!! Well he's almost taller than me & I know he's gonna pass me up this year!! Well the kids had tons of fun & dad's homemade rootbeer was a big hit.. Then again so was the Wii. They all played the Wii forever.... Willie had a few boys spend the night, they had pizza & rented a few movies & Wii video games. There was so much excitement in the air (the candy helped the excitement) so the boys stayed up until 3am.... I had to make them go to bed or it probably would of been an all nighter!!!! TONS OF FUN!!