Saturday, December 13, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!! I didn't get too many pictures because it was just tooo CRAZY!!! Most pics were after the destruction.... At one point we had a total of 15 kids including Isabella & Willie!! The boys played Lego pictionary by drawing all their favorite legos.. Willie made up a game called Lego scoop in which I gave a scoop of Willies millions of legos to each boy. They all had a few minutes & who ever had the most votes won the prize for the coolest Lego!! We had a Soccer ball for a pinata. Willie is holding what is left of it... If you could imagine we had boys from 5yrs old to 13 yrs old so amazing enough they all got to hit the pinata, blind-folded of course... They split into teams & had a race with the scooters. They all with a balloon in hand had to weave in & out of 5 boxes then run across the yard & POP their balloon. The team that was all on the grass 1st WON!!!

Willie & the kids then had cake after singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY & I can't believe he's blowing out 11 candles!! What an OLD MAN!! Well he's almost taller than me & I know he's gonna pass me up this year!! Well the kids had tons of fun & dad's homemade rootbeer was a big hit.. Then again so was the Wii. They all played the Wii forever.... Willie had a few boys spend the night, they had pizza & rented a few movies & Wii video games. There was so much excitement in the air (the candy helped the excitement) so the boys stayed up until 3am.... I had to make them go to bed or it probably would of been an all nighter!!!! TONS OF FUN!!


Friday, November 7, 2008


Isabella the Princess Belle & Willie the Star wars Clone trooper. We Started our Halloween with Willie's Haloween Parade at school it was CUTE & CREEPY!! Lots of goblins out.. We then went to the toddler trick or treat at the Dixie Middle school.. Went for hot dogs & the TRUNK OR TREAT.. The kids got TONS OF CANDY!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008



I'm so PROUD of my WEEBELO that's Willie.. He earned a bunch of stuff for SCOUTS. Thursday he was presented with the BOBCAT PATCH and recieved belt loops for his swimming, computers, BB shooting, and forester.

He had Day camp in which he recieved the BB shooting. They have been going to the pool to pass off their swimming.

Willie has also used the computer very effeciently and was able to email grandma & grandpa Romero to finish it off. Willie was always awesome with computers considering he would change all the settings to chinese when he was only 4 yrs old...

The forester is when we went to Pine valley and we all had lots of fun. Hiking, playing, & Willie even helped chop potatoes for the Dutch oven dinner. To end the fun day the boys learned to start a campfire and of course roasted marshmallows. They were yummy!!

This week I get to help by teaching the boys first aid... Willie has fun with scouts & so do I..


ISABELLA such a silly girl....

ISABELLABOB LOST PANTS... She is too funny!!! We went shopping this weeked and my silly girl kept losing her pants. Everytime I turned around her pants were around her ankles. Today was the first day it was cold enough to even wear pants so we tried on a new outfit for Bells. Well doesn't quite fit... She had everyone laughing no matter where we went. Her & her little shuffle walk with pants around her ankles. It was hilarious..

Friday, October 3, 2008


We've just been playing around town... We went to FIESTA FUN one weekend & to the parade the next.

We played miniture golf. Isabella threw her ball in the water the second we crossed the bridge. She yelled CATCH & next thing we hear a BIG SPLASH. So we shared my ball until I hit it in the water too. We played on the bumper boats & Willie SOAKED me & Isabella. It was fun though. The kids won TONS of tickets. Willie & his friend were sooo LUCKY they found $20 in the trash in the bathroom. Someone must of thought it was garbage in their pocket. What awesome LUCK they had because they won almost 2,000 tickets. They hit the JACKPOTS on almost every machine they played!!

The next weekend was the parade downtown. They had the kids parade friday. Willie rode his scooter with all the kids from Heritage Elementary School & at the end they gave them a popcycle & a water. The big parade was Saturday both the kids enjoyed the show & got lots of candy..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Springdale for the day

Wild time in Springdale... Isabella drinking it up at the Saloon. Choclate milk her favorite drink of choice. Mom & dad busted her & worked our way to find Willie....

Willie was caught red handed. He was shooting at his sister with his new bee bee gun. Then broke into the neighbors tipi & did a rain dance with the locals! & BOY did it rain !!!! Then the 2 trouble makers stole a wagon & went riding until they stopped at the saloon for drinks...

Once we broke the Kids out of jail... We went hiking, fed the animals carrots, & watched the elk & buffalo play in the mud.

We had a picinic & shopped a little in town. Isabella kept telling us over and over "I just can't do it" Lets go bye bye... "NOOO I JUST CAN'T DO IT NO" Maybe it was the choclate milk talking for her she just gets so crazy when she drinks... Then again she was having so much fun she just didn't want the day to end.

That will do donkey, that will do...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Baby Bunny

Just an update on our lil ZOO.....

So last week Will was going by the bunny cage & thought he saw a bug wiggling in the bunny fluff. Thank god he didn't smash first & look later because turns out it was a cute little baby bunny. Its so tiny our hampsters are bigger than the baby. Its momma bunny rabbit is pretty young too so she really didn't know what to do. We got searching in the cage & we actually found a few more babies but sad enough they didn't make it.. Lets pause a moment in rememberance of all our lost pets boo hoo .. .. ..

Well long story short we still have one adorable, mouse looking, pinkish getting furrier by the day baby bunny in which we named sweet pea. The momma who's just a baby herself wasn't taking care of her so I made her a little bunny nest to keep her warm & have been attempting to feed her. The baby actually makes little squeaky sounds when its ready to eat & thank goodness all the reading I've found says bunny babies only eat once or twice a day. Well we tried bottle feeding with a baby kitten bottle & that did not go so great so I got mommy bunny (Snoopy Sue) & turned her on her side & I hold the baby to her. It works great & the baby seems to be very healthy. Its amazing how fast they develop!! So Will teases me when I'm feeding the bunny he asks if I'm nursing my baby.. Its too fun!! Snoopy & Hoppy are proud parents & so are we its the cutest thing holding on to something so tiny & just seeing it grow day by day!!!
So we officially have 3 bunnies, 2 dogs, 2 hampsters [after we lost Nibbles :( so sad] we just had to buy 2 more not just one. Of course my 2 cutiepie children & MOM & DAD in charge of the crazy lil Trujillo Zoo!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008