Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Christmas

My beautiful kids playing in the snow... We never imagined we would have to search for snow... In St. George there was not going to be a White Christmas this year so we decided to drive up to Pine Valley for a lil while to play in the powder.
It was a gorgeous day but very windy reminded us why we moved away from the cold in the first place but it was nice to visit the snow for just a lil bit..

The entire family went for the ride including the dogs. They did not last long in the cold. They definatly are summer dogs.. They were shivering as they walked.

The kids got their Christmas wish to see the snow. Good thing its close to visit. We had a fun time but froze our butts off... We prefer the warm weather but like the occassional snow angel.

GiNgEr BrEaD

We really had a blast making Ginger Bread Cookies & Ginger Bread Houses, one of our family traditions for the holiday season. At least the Ginger Bread house is a tradition.

Willie really wanted to make the cookies this year so we did & they turned out really yummy!!! They were actually from scratch. Isabella & William's finished Ginger Bread Houses were soo cute!! They had just as much fun eating the candy as they did making the houses...

The cookies were fun too!! Willie has been begging forever about making gingerbread cookies so I put him to work!! The kids & I cut out the cookies, baked, & decorated them!! We doubled the recipe so we could hand them out to our neighbors as well as have some to much for ourselves.

Our finished cookies were yummy & we couldn't help reciting "not my gumdrop buttons" as we made our cookies. Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the GiNgEr BrEaD MaN...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are Thankful for...

Fun Times at the Park

Family Hikes


Our Crazy Cutie Kids

Charlie Brown Ghost

Princess Snow White

Fun Times

The Four Legged kids

We are Thankful for our beautiful family and all the blessings in our lives.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

CrAzY & SpOokY

CrAzY & SpOokY
Willie has been planning this Halloween Party since summer.. The kids had tons of fun!! They bobbed for apples & I mean dunked their heads in the water.
Played games from witch relay with my brooms, kidnapper game this is where they are all lined up & can't see behind them (you'll see the pic's it was kinda funny), Zombie tag, to Guess the Halloween Costume on your back. I had them acting like everyone from Dora to Ghosts to Spongebob Talk about funny..
Will made his famous Dad's Rootbeer with the dry ice that is always a hit. We had a campfire & roasted hotdogs it turned a lil crazy when the older boys were burning twigs. Our dog Lucky thought the flames dropping were treats MMM Yummy (OUCH).. The Monster Munch was a BIG hit (Thanks Aunty Pearl for the recipe)
Willie set it up to watch a movie in the his Club/Tree House. Oh & I can't forget the decorations in there. Christmas lights, Skeleton bones, Ghosts, & Spider webs Real & Fake he he he.. They all watched Monsters vrs Aliens. Of course they had to have popcorn "Can't watch a movie without popcorn." What a set up Big TV, lil couches, popcorn they had it made..
A few boys spent the night & they were all exhausted after the fun night.. Bella slept good too of course it was a fun lil night.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Visit with my Dad


Sharing some fried ice cream at the restaurant.

We had a great visit with my dad & Annie!! He spent his birthday with us too!! We went out to eat at Made In Brazil & we had BBQ'd pineapple to lil chicken hearts. Willie ate the entire heart in one bite & not even 2 seconds later there goes grandpa doing the same thing.. Isabella couldn't be happier with just cheese & croutons. MMM yummy

We went to the duck ponds & fed the birds. Most were taller than Isabella. They even let us pet them.

We got to reminisce about old times & good memories. My dad taking us to fly a kite.. Well if you call it that my mom driving the jeep while my dad hung onto the back & threw the kite in the air.. My dad & my uncle's speaking Navajo for hours.... even though they spoke maybe 3 words.. FUNNY STUFF.. My sis & I getting in trouble as teenagers No really we were angels.. Oh I could go on & on..
I made enchilada's & beans the next evening for my dad. We had peach cobbler as his birthday cake it was YUMMY.. We really did have a GREAT visit!! I LOVE MY DAD SOO MUCH the kids LOVE THEIR GRANDPA TOO!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pic's from my phone... We went to the carnival at the fair couple weekends back.. We had a fun lil time!! We went on rides, watched fireworks, had yummy corndogs, & just had fun.

Will was a trooper he stayed in the Ferris Wheel line while we went on a few other rides. As soon as we got there Isabella had her mind set on going on the "Big Lights" & she did!! This lil girl has no fear she got on there with no hesitation. She looked a little nervous the first time round then after awhile we were all yelling WHOO HOO, reaching for the stars, & just enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love days off

Picnic in the park for dinner mmm Carl's Jr. always tastes even better outside. Playing in the water, watching my kids go back in forth from the waterfalls to the river to the splash pad.

Isabella had fun splashing her brother they both got soaked!! She can make friends no matter where we go. She made friends with every little girl there. We eventually had to drag her home crying she didn't want to leave she was having soo much fun. She got over it fast..

We spent the rest of the evening watching movies and of course playing Isabella's favorite game..
HIDE N SEEK.. She all evening would say "Hide N Seek N again" It was fun evening.