Sunday, October 5, 2008



I'm so PROUD of my WEEBELO that's Willie.. He earned a bunch of stuff for SCOUTS. Thursday he was presented with the BOBCAT PATCH and recieved belt loops for his swimming, computers, BB shooting, and forester.

He had Day camp in which he recieved the BB shooting. They have been going to the pool to pass off their swimming.

Willie has also used the computer very effeciently and was able to email grandma & grandpa Romero to finish it off. Willie was always awesome with computers considering he would change all the settings to chinese when he was only 4 yrs old...

The forester is when we went to Pine valley and we all had lots of fun. Hiking, playing, & Willie even helped chop potatoes for the Dutch oven dinner. To end the fun day the boys learned to start a campfire and of course roasted marshmallows. They were yummy!!

This week I get to help by teaching the boys first aid... Willie has fun with scouts & so do I..


ISABELLA such a silly girl....

ISABELLABOB LOST PANTS... She is too funny!!! We went shopping this weeked and my silly girl kept losing her pants. Everytime I turned around her pants were around her ankles. Today was the first day it was cold enough to even wear pants so we tried on a new outfit for Bells. Well doesn't quite fit... She had everyone laughing no matter where we went. Her & her little shuffle walk with pants around her ankles. It was hilarious..

Friday, October 3, 2008


We've just been playing around town... We went to FIESTA FUN one weekend & to the parade the next.

We played miniture golf. Isabella threw her ball in the water the second we crossed the bridge. She yelled CATCH & next thing we hear a BIG SPLASH. So we shared my ball until I hit it in the water too. We played on the bumper boats & Willie SOAKED me & Isabella. It was fun though. The kids won TONS of tickets. Willie & his friend were sooo LUCKY they found $20 in the trash in the bathroom. Someone must of thought it was garbage in their pocket. What awesome LUCK they had because they won almost 2,000 tickets. They hit the JACKPOTS on almost every machine they played!!

The next weekend was the parade downtown. They had the kids parade friday. Willie rode his scooter with all the kids from Heritage Elementary School & at the end they gave them a popcycle & a water. The big parade was Saturday both the kids enjoyed the show & got lots of candy..