Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pic's from my phone... We went to the carnival at the fair couple weekends back.. We had a fun lil time!! We went on rides, watched fireworks, had yummy corndogs, & just had fun.

Will was a trooper he stayed in the Ferris Wheel line while we went on a few other rides. As soon as we got there Isabella had her mind set on going on the "Big Lights" & she did!! This lil girl has no fear she got on there with no hesitation. She looked a little nervous the first time round then after awhile we were all yelling WHOO HOO, reaching for the stars, & just enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love days off

Picnic in the park for dinner mmm Carl's Jr. always tastes even better outside. Playing in the water, watching my kids go back in forth from the waterfalls to the river to the splash pad.

Isabella had fun splashing her brother they both got soaked!! She can make friends no matter where we go. She made friends with every little girl there. We eventually had to drag her home crying she didn't want to leave she was having soo much fun. She got over it fast..

We spent the rest of the evening watching movies and of course playing Isabella's favorite game..
HIDE N SEEK.. She all evening would say "Hide N Seek N again" It was fun evening.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend around the 4 Corners

We had the best time at my cousin Martin's wedding!! Spent tons of time visiting family, enjoyed my Aunt Terry's homemade sopapilla's, red & green chile, & beans everything was delicious!! She even inspired me to cook some sopapilla's & red chile at home was soo good had to have it twice. The wedding was beautiful & all the late nights out with my cousin's was a blast!! It was a good time!!

The pit stops along the way made it a nice ride between the beautiful views of the red desert to the arches & even stopped at Hole in the Rock. The pic just doesn't do the Mountains around Cortez any justice, it is amazing to see the Sleeping Ute Mountain it really does look like a man with a feather coming out of his head. We missed Mesa Verde this time but we couldn't pass up the time spending it with family. We will have to go back when it is not soo hot!!