Monday, June 7, 2010

BBQ's & Play Play Play

We have not been to RS in almost one year.. We got in as much visiting as possible. Grandma, Aunties, cousins.. it was soo nice seeing everyone!! Even if it was just for a few days..

I think the kids were impossible to separate... They had so much fun!! PLAY pLaY PLAY...

Will had a great visit with his lil bro & sister's it was nice so many BBQ's & yummy food.

We spent time at the park playing sand volleyball while all the kids played at the playground. Then yet another BBQ at Nita's house to visit with the entire family. It's been way too long!!

Bella got to play with all of her cousins I don't think she even realized just how many girls there were to play with.. Well just how many cousins in general Lots of them!! The kids had a good time!!

We made a quick stop in Provo-Heber Canyon it was so beautiful!! We stopped by the river & walked the dogs & just played some more.. It was cold but we got us a rootbeer float after our lil walk.. BRRR

It was a great visit with family!! It being Memorial weekend my sis & I went up to put flowers on my mom's grave.. Crazy enough it was nice to sit together & think of all the fun memories we had with my mom. We all blew kisses to heaven!! All in all it really was a nice lil trip!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010