Monday, May 3, 2010

Over the River & through the desert to GRANDPOO''s house we go..

"GRANDPOO" is Isabella's new word she run's around & says shampoo then grandpoo which made her grandpa giggle.. We had a really nice visit with my Dad & Annie. They just bought them a new house down in Vegas & it is really cute & cozy!! It looks so nice they just had the yard done, new carpet, & paint it was impressive!!

We had a nice lil barbeQ with the family my Unc Danny & cuz Mickayla came over & joined us. It was a really nice visit with everyone!! My dad is the best we love him soo much it was nice to celebrate a early mother's day with my pa or Grandpoo. Annie spoiled us with breakfast made by her one day & then breakfast buffet the next.

We also had a quick stop at the Mini Las Vegas Grand Prix.. Go Carts & Games

Willie has the look of "What did I get myself into"....
Isabella had fun on the lil rollercoaster she loved yelling whoo hoo but wouldn't quite lift her hands up just yet.. I knew I started driving too fast on the go carts when Isabella would sink in her chair I would look over & she would almost be flat until I slowed down.. then she would pop her head back up.. CrAzY DrIvErS..

We had a quick lil stop at Toys R Us too.. Toys R Us = Happy Kiddo's what else can I say they love going there!!

Isabella's buddy my dad's dog Jocie I think she might think she is human the way she sat on the chair. It's too funny to see a huge black lab sit on your lap like she is a lil lap dog.. I got my share of getting smooshed.. Its just too cute!!
We had a great visit we will have to do that more often now that my dad lives close by!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update.. I have not wrote anything in way too long..

So this was a while back but better late that never...
The Las Vegas Zoo

Pretty Peacock



This cat seriously was like a pet kitty cat.. we were saying here kitty kitty & it came to the gate.. Really that chain link looking cage was all that separated us from this monster but talk about beautiful!!

The Zoo was fun then off to a quick stop at Circus Circus..

Hold on tight..

Will & Isabella fishing for ducks..

Say Cheese

Isabella decided she did not want to wear her pants.. Literally in the middle of Circus Circus Fun Dome.. Being far away from bathrooms I told her make sure you go potty "I don't want you to pee your pants" Ok mom... So she takes her pants off & says Ok I won't pee my pants... Gotta love it.. although her big bro was a lil embarrassed..