Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney On Ice

The Birthday Princess
Isabella's birthday gift from Grandpa and Grandma Romero was Disney on Ice
The Thomas & Mack Center was packed and our seats were directly in front of the ice. Bella and all the little girls there would go crazy when they saw each other.. Look its Belle, Tinker bell, Snow White..
Bella was in shock at first.. she didn't make a sound but you could see the excitement in her eyes
It didn't take long then she saw all her Princesses and was so excited waving and yelling hooray
The kids got all the goodies snow cones and popcorn of course

The whole family enjoying the show
All the character's would stop right in front of us and wave at all the kids.. Bella loved this part of the show
Toy Story too
The Toy Story characters were dancing away especially the little troll too funny
Rex was too cool
Jesse the yodelin cowgirl

"Look mom its princess Tianna and prince Naaaavvveeeeen"
Bibbidy, Bobbity, Boo
Isabella had a blast she was all smiles!! She can't stop talking about Disney on Ice and all her princess dolls have been doing the show for her over and over at home. Thanks grandma and grandpa Romero you gave us a very special memory to cherish forever!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Staying close to home but havin' lots of fun

Willie & Isabella

My little princess hoping for some rain

Hmm wonder what she's thinking

Beep Beep Car one of Isabella's favorite things besides her wiggle car

Alway nice to have dinner with the four of us (Will is taking the pic)

Back to the 4th of July we had so much fun the pictures were too few & very blurry... Willie always has fun with fire.. that's my boy he loves blowing stuff up I told him he has turned into Sid on Toy Story because if you are an army man you do not survive in this household they all get blown to bits by rockets & fireworks..

Even to this day we go outside and Isabella is like we should do fireworks today..

Will kept squirting us all with the hose so Isabella found the opportunity to get her daddy back.. & I mean soaked

Could barely get them to stay still for a pic & we still can't go to the park without hearing and we can go watch the fireworks & jump in the princess castle & ride the rides & the train...

The Beach

We spent the day at Sand Hollow Resevoir just the four of us having a blast!!

We went during the week so we had a huge section of beach all to ourselves. We played in the water and the sand.

We brought our dog's with us & let them run around and play too

Our dog's loved the water just as much as we did!! Lucky was chasing birds and at one point she was out swimming so far we thought she might drown... You could pick her up out of the water and she would still keep moving her legs like she was still in it..

We had quite the set up

Keeping cool in the shade

Willie & Isabella made sandcastles all day long it was a blast!!

The only way to keep cool in the desert is to be by the air conditioner or close to water so... we chose swimming to cool off but in Southern Utah it is almost always a HOT day!!

The Carnival

We always have to go on the Ferris Wheel no matter how long the lines.. It is our favorite part of the Carnival!! Isabella kept yelling WHOO HOO while Willie kept asking "If we fall from this high would we die"

My Isabella has no fear & Willie is always thinking of what could happen
Willie- "Where's the seatbelt"
Isabella- "Look you can see Las Vegas"

The carnival was a blast we finished our night off with a yummy funnel cake always a treat. It was a fun evening at the fair!!

Red Cliffs & Silver Reef

We went out exploring close by to home you can find a lot of the old west

As we explored the old buildings it just made us imagine two cowboys ready to draw their guns & shoot each other..

We went out this way when we 1st moved down here.. Last time I took a pic of Willie here he was 6 yrs old now he is 12 time really flies by..

This was one of the few places that silver was found in sandstone

They had old cemeteries with multiple graves marked unknown & of course segregated areas this was the Catholic one.. When visiting the other graveyard the graves were creaking then the wind would blow all of a sudden.. it felt like a creepy old movie..

Will took this pic.. The arch is really as big as his fist but he blew it up so it looks like we stopped in arches.. It was pretty but way smaller than this pic.. Talk about trick photography..

Miss Bell's we tell her say cheese.. It's too hot mom..

We played on the Red Rocks for a while & took the opportunity to take a few family pic's since it was such a pretty spot..

Me & my kiddos even Lucky joining the fun

Will & I very rarely get pictures with us both in them..
Will & Des 13 yrs of marriage and still loving it.

I told Will "I am looking forward to growing old with you"
his response "Honey we are old" he he he

The Trujilllo's
We try to have fun with whatever we are doing!! Even staying close to home isn't so bad because we live in a beautiful place there are always new adventures just around the corner.