Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney On Ice

The Birthday Princess
Isabella's birthday gift from Grandpa and Grandma Romero was Disney on Ice
The Thomas & Mack Center was packed and our seats were directly in front of the ice. Bella and all the little girls there would go crazy when they saw each other.. Look its Belle, Tinker bell, Snow White..
Bella was in shock at first.. she didn't make a sound but you could see the excitement in her eyes
It didn't take long then she saw all her Princesses and was so excited waving and yelling hooray
The kids got all the goodies snow cones and popcorn of course

The whole family enjoying the show
All the character's would stop right in front of us and wave at all the kids.. Bella loved this part of the show
Toy Story too
The Toy Story characters were dancing away especially the little troll too funny
Rex was too cool
Jesse the yodelin cowgirl

"Look mom its princess Tianna and prince Naaaavvveeeeen"
Bibbidy, Bobbity, Boo
Isabella had a blast she was all smiles!! She can't stop talking about Disney on Ice and all her princess dolls have been doing the show for her over and over at home. Thanks grandma and grandpa Romero you gave us a very special memory to cherish forever!!