Saturday, October 24, 2009

CrAzY & SpOokY

CrAzY & SpOokY
Willie has been planning this Halloween Party since summer.. The kids had tons of fun!! They bobbed for apples & I mean dunked their heads in the water.
Played games from witch relay with my brooms, kidnapper game this is where they are all lined up & can't see behind them (you'll see the pic's it was kinda funny), Zombie tag, to Guess the Halloween Costume on your back. I had them acting like everyone from Dora to Ghosts to Spongebob Talk about funny..
Will made his famous Dad's Rootbeer with the dry ice that is always a hit. We had a campfire & roasted hotdogs it turned a lil crazy when the older boys were burning twigs. Our dog Lucky thought the flames dropping were treats MMM Yummy (OUCH).. The Monster Munch was a BIG hit (Thanks Aunty Pearl for the recipe)
Willie set it up to watch a movie in the his Club/Tree House. Oh & I can't forget the decorations in there. Christmas lights, Skeleton bones, Ghosts, & Spider webs Real & Fake he he he.. They all watched Monsters vrs Aliens. Of course they had to have popcorn "Can't watch a movie without popcorn." What a set up Big TV, lil couches, popcorn they had it made..
A few boys spent the night & they were all exhausted after the fun night.. Bella slept good too of course it was a fun lil night.