Saturday, September 19, 2009

Visit with my Dad


Sharing some fried ice cream at the restaurant.

We had a great visit with my dad & Annie!! He spent his birthday with us too!! We went out to eat at Made In Brazil & we had BBQ'd pineapple to lil chicken hearts. Willie ate the entire heart in one bite & not even 2 seconds later there goes grandpa doing the same thing.. Isabella couldn't be happier with just cheese & croutons. MMM yummy

We went to the duck ponds & fed the birds. Most were taller than Isabella. They even let us pet them.

We got to reminisce about old times & good memories. My dad taking us to fly a kite.. Well if you call it that my mom driving the jeep while my dad hung onto the back & threw the kite in the air.. My dad & my uncle's speaking Navajo for hours.... even though they spoke maybe 3 words.. FUNNY STUFF.. My sis & I getting in trouble as teenagers No really we were angels.. Oh I could go on & on..
I made enchilada's & beans the next evening for my dad. We had peach cobbler as his birthday cake it was YUMMY.. We really did have a GREAT visit!! I LOVE MY DAD SOO MUCH the kids LOVE THEIR GRANDPA TOO!!